Protective measures

In order to welcome you under the best possible conditions, we have reinforced our hygiene and protective measures within the establishment. Find all the information in the form of questions below:


Preparing to come to the restaurant:


Do we have to come with a mask?

Guests must have their own masks to come to the restaurant, terrace included. Gloves are not necessary.


When can we take off the mask to eat?

Wearing a mask is mandatory within the restaurant and for all walking within the establishment, terrace included.

Masks can only be removed when settling down at table.


How can I use the QR code to view the menu?

To check the menu via the QR code, all you need to do is download a specific application.

Then scan our QR code below with your phone. You will be directed to a web page that will give you access to the menu available online.

Disposable paper menus are also available.


Is the terrace open?

The terrace is open, depending on weather conditions, respecting the protective and hygiene measures implemented within the establishment.

Our hygiene and protective measures:


What are your protective measures and attitudes against COVID-19?

To welcome you under the best conditions and respecting protective measures and attitudes, wearing masks and regular hand washing are mandatory for staff members.


Do waiting staff wear masks?

All staff members will wear masks, certified by AFNOR and DGA, to welcome you.


How are guests welcomed in the restaurant?

Before coming in, you may have to wait outside. A distance of 1 metre must be kept between each party of guests.

We have set up a direction of traffic within the establishment to avoid guest interactions.


Is there a minimum distance between guests?

The minimum distance is 1 metre between tables, and 1 metre between guests in different parties.


Will hand sanitizing solutions be available?

Yes, you will find several automatic hand sanitizing devices available to guests, distributed throughout the restaurant.


Are dishes prepared according to all hygiene measures?

Strict sanitary protocols are adapted in both the kitchen and the restaurant room. Don’t worry: our guest and staff safety is top priority.


How many guests are allowed in a party?

The maximum number of guests per party is 6 people maximum, according to Covid health standards.


Are the toilets open and under what sanitary conditions?

The toilets are of course accessible! In order to guarantee the best sanitary conditions, we have refurbished not only the washrooms for our guests, but also those used by the staff, giving priority to automatic systems, elbow handles, etc. A dedicated housekeeper will take special care of the cleanliness of these areas.


Payment methods:


What payment methods are accepted?

Payment at the table is preferred, but all the usual means of payment are accepted.


Is contactless payment accepted ? What is the limit?

Contactless payment is of course accepted. You can pay with your contactless card, with a €50 limit.

Contactless payment via your phone is also possible, with no limit.


Is it possible to pay in cash?

Cash payment is accepted.


Ouvert tous les jours de 9h00 à 1h00 du matin

Open daily from 9am to 1am


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